About Patmos

Patmos Counselling & Associates is a cooperative group, where professional counsellors work together to ensure clinical accountability and high standards of care and ethics.

Whether you’re seeking care for yourself, a child, senior or group, Patmos Counselling & Associates’ services are designed to help each client reach their full potential.

Patmos Counselling & Associates - Counselling that begins by listening


Client-Centred Compassionate Care

It takes courage to join a therapy program. At Patmos Counselling & Associates, we:

  • provide client-centred, compassionate care—that is relevant to your needs
  • are respectful of varied backgrounds, values, beliefs, and financial circumstances—whoever you are and wherever you come from, our doors are always open to you
  • will work together to provide the best caring, professional, and most confidential service possible
  • are usually able to schedule an appointment within a week of your call (counselling sessions are usually around 50 minutes in length)

Fees are discussed and agreed upon during the first session. Your financial ability should never be a deterrent in seeking treatment.


You’re Not Alone

If you do choose to share your therapy experience with friends and family, you will most likely learn that you are not alone in seeking treatment—many of those around you have probably received successful treatment in the past.

Many employers encourage therapy for those who seek it; in many cases, employees are happier and more productive on their return to the job.