Our Counsellors


Counsellor Miki Beldman RN, MRC, MRE, Counselling focus; RSW
is a caring professional and founding member of Patmos Counselling & Associates. Miki has been in counselling practice for over 30 years.

Miki understands that life is not always clear sailing. Sometimes we all need a guide to help us. She recognizes that each person is uniquely influenced by their environment, family and community, as well as social status and ethnicity.

In working with Miki, you will find her to be an attentive listener and valuable coach in helping to understand emotions, behaviours, relationships and spirituality. Miki believes in client-centred therapy where clients choose the focus and pace of their work. [Read more about Miki]



Counsellor Beth Snyder BA, MA, RSW
has been in practice for 24 years working with individuals, couples and families.

Beth believes that the client is the expert on themselves, and, in combination with her expertise on human behaviour and interpersonal dynamics, positive change can be created.

Beth takes a client-centred approach. Beth is respectful and promotes people making their own decisions and taking charge of their lives. Her goal is to help her clients achieve greater satisfaction in their lives regardless of what the presenting issue may be. [Read more about Beth]



Counsellor Kim Bortolotto BA, BSW, MSW, RSW
is a compassionate, understanding and dedicated professional who has assisted hundreds of individuals to survive and grow with the daily challenges of work and life.

Through a collaborative, respectful and client-centred approach to counselling within a supportive, non-judgmental and caring environment, Kim has helped individuals discover their potential and enrich their lives.

Kim is a social worker, with years of experience in both career and personal counselling, work-related stress, and personal change management. [Read more about Kim]



Counsellor Teresa Groen BA, MDiv
is a professionally trained counselor who is thoughtful and empathetic, and is an attentive listener. She is committed to a client-centred approach where the well-being and needs of her clients are the primary focus.

Whether the presenting issue is mental, emotional, relational or spiritual, Teresa’s goal is to come alongside the individual, couple or family, and facilitate an understanding of underlying issues, help set and implement goals, and monitor outcomes.

With a specialization in counselling to youth and young adults, Teresa is passionate about assisting her clients to navigate through the transitions and challenges of life stages. [Read more about Teresa]


Patmos Counsellor Susan Rumford

Counsellor Susan Rumford BA, MA Th: SCP
is a counsellor and psychotherapist in private practice in Oakville, Ontario.

Susan is friendly, approachable, empathetic, encouraging and sensitive. Along with her professional training and affiliations, Susan brings to her practice the life experiences of a wife, mother, widow, single parent, and subsequently, a parent of a blended family.

These life experiences, as well as her education in counselling and coaching, have enabled her to develop the skills of empathy, compassion, and respect for those who courageously seek help to overcome their challenges, disappointments and failures. [Read more about Susan]


Yael Greenberg

Counsellor Yael Greenberg BA; MSW; RSW.
is delighted to join Patmos Counselling Associates, and she is committed to the collective’s client-centered, compassionate, and respectful approach.

Yael brings to her practice at Patmos diverse life experience as an immigrant, adoptive mother, children’s special educator, and youth worker.

Equally important, she has extensive professional experience helping children with emotional and learning problems, and counselling individuals, couples, and families. [Read more about Yael]